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Sale and Purchase of foreign currency
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    The company is headed by Director General Mr. Abdul Razak has silicosis.

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    Board of Directors consists of both: Mr. Abdul Razak silicosis - Mr. Bashar al-Nouri - Mr. Mohamed Kamel silicosis...

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ALAnwar Exchange Company is a private joint-stock shareholding company registered in the commercial register number / 607 / Date 13-Mars-2016 And licensed by monetary and credit council ecision No. 1179 / MN /BAA with a capital equals 250 million syp.
Nature of the company's business: practice banking operations in accordance with the provisions of law 24 of 2006.

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The company constantly seeks to provide the best services to our customers in various segments and in line with future aspirations and through providing of modern services beyond the boundaries of time and place, thus company keeping pace with developments represents a central starting point to achieve our goals in satisfying our customers and realize their aspiration in ways that innovative solutions and easy to fit into the acceleration of life's rhythm and take into account future prospects and development.

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