Who We Are?

ALAnwar Exchange Company is a private joint-stock shareholding company registered in the commercial register number / 607 / Date 13-Mars-2016 And licensed by monetary and credit council decision No. 1179 / MN /BAA with a capital equals 250 million syp.

Nature of the company's business: practice banking operations in accordance with the provisions of law 24 of 2006.

Our Mission

Providing advanced services in the field of money transfer according to international standards , to contribute in the development field of business and finance and to keep pace with economic growth , and to raise the level of domestic financial services and match it with what equals of global competition by building internal and external relations based on parity basis and participation in terms of the reality of trust and long experience that characterizes our company.

Our Vision

We always strive to benefit from the experiences of companies with a global reputation in this regard to make them twins to commensurate with the needs and aspirations of the local market to achieve the desired interest for the pillars of the company's core :

  • Customer.
  • The Society.
  • The Owners.
  • Staff who are the most important pillars of the company, we strive to provide them with rehabilitation and provide them with the terminology of what follows next days, on the basis that each worker is concerned with customer services in a manner that fits the desired and exceeds expectations which really contributes to the developments of work and achieve the best results through thoughtful marketing of our service and follow-up what is after.

Our Task

To be the best option to reach people all over the world through providing services that will satisfy our customer and exceed their Expectations.

Administrative Development

It was set up a number of section in order to achieve the goal that the company found for it , and including the vision, mission and goal.

As it has been established computing and software development and full connectivity between branches and correspondents, an interactive site for the company on the worldwide web to keep pace with modern trends for this type of service.

Future Action Plan

Company's desire to achieve its mission , namely : to be the best to reach people all over the world through providing services that will satisfy our customers choice and exceed their expectation.

It is required to develop a well-done action plan that achieves the foregoing and the expansion of the scope of work required and therefore put strong presence in the light of competition which is achieved by :

  • Make new branches in promising areas within the country.
  • Ensure the quality of service and performance upgrades.
  • Application of quality and excellence standards.
  • Gain new customers from characteristic categories.
  • Simplification of procedures through communication with the Central Bank of Syria by Cashiers Association.
  • The introduction of the latest technologies in the field of specialized Computer systems and in the field of banking and money transfer.