Exchange companies plays an important role in meeting the local needs of foreign currencies for various purposes, especialy. with regard to things that meet unforeseen transactions. These needs take to meet multiple forms, whether it is in the form of cash or in the form of traveler's checks , or in the form of checks drawn on their correspondents abroad , whether they are commercial banks or foreign exchange companies or foreign companies or using this advanced technology transfer to other forms of telegraphic transfer and by fax.

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Who We Are?

ALAnwar Exchange Company is a private joint-stock shareholding company registered in the commercial register number / 607 / Date 13-Mars-2016 And licensed by monetary and credit council ecision No. 1179 / MN /BAA with a capital equals 250 million syp.
Nature of the company's business: practice banking operations in accordance with the provisions of law 24 of 2006.

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Organizational Structure of the Company

Board Of Directors - General Manager - General Manager Office - Intrnal Auditing - Support Services - Operation Management And Customer's Service - Financial Supervision Department - Customer The Main Service Branch Department And Branches - Financial Resources - Call Center And Administrative Department - Section Of Correspon-Of Funddents Relationship Management - Department Of External Correspondents Information - Internal Correspondents - Technology Department Of Remittance Management - Cutting Section

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Companies That We Represent


Al Anwar Exchange Company dealing with major international companies,